The Silver Sardines

The Silver Sardines Band Baby Horse Records Recording Artist

The Silver Sardines are a relatively new band, formed gradually over the past year through a series of chance meetings and good fortune. This is not some culmination of a grand plan or even very much intent.

Malte wrote some songs, and brought them to Antoine, who had produced his first EP. Tony liked them, and started singing on a few. His tasteful harmonies and flexible guitar playing tethered the songs to a wider history of singers and players.

Malte went to a show one Winter night, and saw Nelson summon the ghosts of saloon-players past. The songs, with his keys as their new backbone, felt all of a sudden as if they had location.

Hannah’s violin, and lesser known but equally ethereally beautiful voice, kept appearing on stages around town, and when she eventually became part of the band the lyrics of the original songs bloomed in new and unexpected ways.

So that is the mythology of this band. To those who have been around music for any extended period, it probably all seems rather pedestrian. To me though (and this is Malte speaking now), it all still seems imbued with magic, or fate, or fortune, whatever you want to call it.

The songs on The Silver Sardines’ upcoming debut album, recorded almost entirely live off the floor at Sud-Ouest Recording Service, speak as much about these relationships as they do about their original topics: everyday tragedy, lost love, and the things baked into our blood.

We hope that you, too, can hear the joy we experienced making these admittedly sad, lonesome, and sometimes grumpy songs.

The Silver Sardines are:

Malte Zumbansen, songwriter and acoustic guitar

Antoine LaRoche, harmonies and electric guitar

Nelson DuChastel, keys

Hannah Blair, violin, viola, and harmonies