Bluebird’s first full length album, Myrtle Avenue, is out now via Baby Horse Records!

Building on the alt-country influence of their debut EP, Two Birds Landed On A Line, the album sees the band’s sound developing into something decidedly more expansive and alternative. Blending rock, country, folk, shoegaze and psychedelia, Myrtle Avenue reveal new possibilities for the alt-country genre. What we find behind singer Dan Beasy’s unique voice is a vast expanse of eclectic instrumentation, expertly brought to life by a rotating cast of musicians and friends.

Written primarily during Dan’s stint living in Montreal’s infamous St-Henri institution, the Fattal Lofts, Myrtle Avenue introduces a cast of characters largely inspired by real-life connections. “Nothing cool about dying on a dirty floor” he sings in the album opener, “Low Life.” Having seen it all too often, his lines are at times visceral and raw. But if they are so, it’s that he cares: “I just hope my friends will be ok” he sings…“can’t keep on going killing yourself day after day.”

While the world of Myrtle Avenue may seem filled with struggle, there is always a glint of hope shimmering in the distance, the dim light of the far off “electric fire” — love. With it there is always the chance of renewal: “we’d be brand new / no longer fools,” Dan sings on My Everything; if only you’d show me “everything tonight.”


This album has a special place in Baby Horse history, as it was kind of the project that started it all. The whole idea of Baby Horse came about after Will Poulin met Dan Beasy, Bluebird’s principal songwriter, and the two decided to work on a record together. The rest, really, is history; as everything has slowly snowballed from there. All of that to say though, that this record is something we’ve put a lot of love and effort into, and if it weren’t for our entire, incredible community it would never have been possible.


released March 31, 2023

Dan Beasy – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars

William Poulin – Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Percussion, Back Vocals

Freddy Poulin – Drums

Matt Damron – Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Back Vocals, Mandolin

Julian Walker – Electric Guitar, Back Vocals

James Healey – Electric Guitar

Jon Evans – Pedal Steel

William Watley – Synths

Ola Kado – Back Vocals, Lead Vocal on Suzanna

Nicole Machin – Back Vocals

Sasha Cay – Clarinet on Call Me Nancy

Matt Stoker – Guitar on Suzanna

Patrick Kilcullen – Piano and Organ on My Everything and Something Is A Way

Arielle Soucy – Vocals on Repeatermind


Recorded by William Poulin at Sud-Ouest Recording Service in Montréal, QC.

Mixed and produced by William Poulin and Bluebird