Bluebird’s first studio release, Two Birds Landed On A Land, comes out on May 1st via Bandcamp and will be available May 8th on all streaming platforms. It marks the first studio release from Baby Horse Records.

The ‘Two Birds’ release spans several genres, drawing inspiration primarily from alternative and pop country songwriters such as Lucinda Williams, John Prine, Jeff Tweedy and Bill Callahan. Thematically, ’Two Birds’ focuses on the impact of love and work in everyday life. Written while songwriter Dan Beasy lived Trackside at St-Henri’s infamous Fattal Compound, the project represents the realization of several years of travelling, hard living, and dwelling off-grid. With a voice that conveys a raw sense of truth and honesty, this collection of tracks cuts down to “where the spirit meets the bone.” 

The honesty and truth of the songs deserved an equally honest treatment when it came to recording. That is why the tracks were cut live, with few overdubs, using vintage guitar amplifiers, drums, guitars and microphones. Ola Kado and Laura Hastings guest as vocalists, their voices standing in a gentle relief to Dan’s honest grit. With the final addition of Dobro and Pedal Steel from multi-instrumentalist Kim Deschamps of Blue Rodeo and Cowboy Junkie’s fame, the EP had come to full fruition.

Stoned (Daniel Beaulieu)

Dan Beasy – Vocals
William Poulin – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tambourine
Freddy Poulin – Drums
James Healey – Electric Guitar Lead
Matt Damron – Harmonies and Piano

Coming Up Roses (Daniel Beaulieu)

Dan Beasy – Vocals, Gut String Rhythm
Ola Kado – Vocals
William Poulin – Gut String Lead, Bass, Percussion
Matt Damron – Electric Guitar
Freddy Poulin – Drums
Nicolas Lanctôt – Electric Solo
Kim Deschamps – Pedal Steel

At The Fair (Daniel Beaulieu)

Dan Beasy – Vocals, Electric
Laura Hastings – Vocals
William Poulin – Bass
Freddy Poulin.- Drums
Kim Deschamps – Pedal Steel

Everything Changes (Daniel Beaulieu)

Dan Beasy – Vocals, Gut String Rhythm
Laura Hastings – Harmonies
William Poulin – Bass and Electric
Freddy Poulin – Drums
Kim Deschamps – Pedal Steel

Drinking At The Dam (Bill Callahan)

Dan Beasy – Vocals and Bass
William Poulin – Acoustic
Freddy Poulin – Drums
David Ferron – Slide
Kim Deschamps – Dobro and Pedal Steel

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by William Poulin
Mastered by Stephan Ritch


Bluebird is a band and musical collective based out of Montreal, Qc. 

The group centers around singer songwriter Dan Beasy, the brothers William and Frédéric Poulin, as well as Matt Damron.

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