Bluebird’s new single “Repeatermind” is out everywhere you listen to music now!

Straying from 2020’s “Two Birds Landed On A Line,” in which singer songwriter Dan Beasy sang of love and loss in a sometimes wistful, sometimes tender and nostalgic tone, “Repeatermind” is a song about anxiety paralysis and the difficulties of our modern relationships, friendships and love lives.

Along with their previous single, “Low Life,” which tackled drug addiction with raw honesty, these two songs paint a picture of what is to come for Bluebird.

Slated for release fall/winter 2022, keep an eye open for their first full length, tentatively titled “Myrtle Avenue” which will showcase more songs in this vein. With a heavier sound, drawing from country, pop psychedelic, and rock, “Myrtle Avenue” is sure to be an important release.

Listen now on Bandcamp and all other streaming platforms, and check out the in-studio live performance of Repeatermind from earlier this year!


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