Erik Fines is well known around the scene in Montreal, the man lives and breathes music, having famously hosted Bar De Courcelle’s infamous open mic for many years.

Erik’s one of the best songwriters we know, and one of the best performers. You can catch him around town on any given night performing either with his Rock or Country outfit. This release, as the title plainly suggests, is of the later style.

The Country Ghost EP is an exploration of old-school country, an exercise in timeless songwriting, which culminates in its title track, Country Ghost, a stunning song that evokes a sense of lost love and timeless nostalgia that is sure to become a classic.


Erik Fines on vocals and acoustic guitar

Frisco Lee on piano, harmonies, and percussion

Jason Larrivière on upright bass

Adrian Williams on electric guitar and lapsteel

Freddy Poulin on drums

William Poulin on percussion

Maïa Davies on Harmonies

Recorded by William Poulin at Sud-Ouest Recording Service in Montreal, QC

Produced and Mixed by William Poulin, Erik Fines and Frisco Lee

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