Bluebird + The McMillan’s Camp Boys @ Grumpy’s

Bluebird will be playing the infamous downtown Montréal Grumpy’s bar on saturday night, june 11th with Halifax’s own McMillan Camp Boys. No cover. Come on down for a frosty pint and some good tunes!

An Evening With Baby Horse Records

An Evening With Baby Horse Records

Nous organisons présentement le premier concert mettant en vedette les artistes de notre boite de disques, Baby Horse Records!
Nous avons commencé ce grand projet en pleine pandémie, et n’avons jamais eu l’opportunité de vous présenter notre musique en personne de cette façon.
Si vous aimez la musique Indépendante, encrée dans le folk, le country, et le rock–et bien cette soirée est pour vous!
C’est pas facile de survivre en faisant de la musique de ces temps ci, mais nous travaillons vraiment fort, ensemble en tant que communauté, pour essayer de rendre ce rêve une réalité.
Rejoignez-nous au DIVING BELL SOCIAL CLUB / LE SCAPHANDRE, samedi le 4 juin, pour une soirée de célébration et de musique, rejoignant pour la toute première fois ensemble sur scène:
We are currently organizing our first concert showcasing most of the artists who are a part of our label.
We started this crazy project right as the pandemic started, and have not yet had the chance to share our music to the public in such a way.
If you love independent music, with roots in folk, country and rock–this night is for you!
It’s not easy to make it in the music world these days, and maybe making it itself is a passée concept. We decided not to rely on the idea of “making it” and rather to do it.
With a strong bond of mutual respect and admiration, we are working everyday to produce our music and spread the word.
Baby Horse Records is truly grassroots, built from the ground up by passionate people.

For the first time ever, we are very excited to showcase these artists on stage, thanks to our lovely hosts at THE DIVING BELL SOCIAL CLUB / LE SCAPHANDRE!

Saturday, June 4th, join us in ecstatic sweaty jubilance as we dance the night away to the sounds of:


💥 Erik Fines


💥 Bluebird (Dan Beasy)


💥 That Nikki You Know


💥 Torsten Hermann



💥 Matt Damron



💥 Frisco Lee



Doors @ 7pm

Show @ 8pm


TICKETS: 15.00$ + tax

or 20$ at the door!










Bluebird at The Wesley’s EP and Zine release at L’Hemisphère Gauche

Bluebird at The Wesley’s EP and Zine release at L’Hemisphère Gauche

Catch Bluebird live at L’Hémisphère Gauche opening up for The Wesleys’ EP and Zine release, alongside The Linus Haze band!


The Wesleys are releasing their debut EP ”Outside Voices” on May 19 via Burnt Sugar Records. It will be released on cassette, as well as all streaming platform/bandcamp. To commemorate the occasion Henry G has also designed a small 8-page zine that chronicles how The Wesleys started, how the EP was recorded, and some other unreleased Wesleys artwork and concepts! So come out! Thursday May 19! l’Hemisphere Gauche! With amazingly talented Bluebird and Linus Haze opening up! You’re not gonna want to miss this one!


The wesleys is a up-and-coming band from Montreal with members from Mundy’s Bay, Kid Lucifer, Palmetto and Ruse. With Influences varying from tight-beat 60’s pop, 70’s psychedelia and 90’s guitar tones & style. THE WESLEYS aim to please by mixing the perfect combinations of being weird and catchy, with a huge emphasis on DIY habits.

Link for The Wesleys


Link for Bluebird


Link for The Linus Haze

Bluebird at Montreal Audiofest

Bluebird at Montreal Audiofest

Bluebird will be playing 4 short sets at the Montreal Audio Fest this year!

Bluebird will be playing in a one-off “recording studio” setting for this event.

Saturday, March 26th, sets at 10:00am and 11:00am.

Sunday, March 27th sets will be at 3:00pm and 4:00 pm!



Bluebird @ Holy Mountain Sound

Bluebird @ Holy Mountain Sound

Bluebird will be playing at Montréal’s new Holy Mountain Sound, a new artist-run DIY venue “somewhere in the heart of downtown Montreal” on Saturday night, march 26th. Follow Bluebird on instagram for more details!